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Robert "Bob" Savage is a licensed Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator(AOSE) with over 25 years of experience working in the onsite wastewater industry in Virginia.  Over the years he has assisted clients with obtaining sewage approvals and permits for properties throughout Accomack and Northampton Counties on Virginia's Eastern Shore.


Bob started his career in the onsite wastewater industry back in 1991 when he became an Environmental Health Specialist with the Virginia Department of Health.  His primary duties entailed conducting site and soil evaluations to determine if properties would support an onsite system in accordance with Virginia's Sewage Regulations and issuing permits for the construction of sewage systems and the drilling of private wells.  Bob served with the Department in it's Eastern Shore Health District for nearly 13 years eventually becoming the District Supervisor for the Onsite Sewage & Water Program in Accomack and Northampton Counties.

In 2005, he obtained Health Department certification as an "Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator" (this would later become a licensed profession under the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation).  In March of that year Bob decided to leave public service and along with two business partners formed Affordable Septic Solutions, Inc.  Affordable Septic soon became the "go to" company for developers seeking sewage approval for their residential subdivision lots as well as individual homeowners seeking to "fast track" their sewage permit applications during a time when the Health Department was severely backlogged.  In addition, Affordable Septic quickly built a reputation for designing alternative treatment sewage systems for homeowners whose properties could not be approved for more coventional septic tank and drainfield systems.  



Savage Onsite Septic, LLC is quickly earning a reputation as one of the premier site and soil evaluation and sewage system design companies on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Currently SOS operates as the only independently owned private "AOSE" company located on the Shore that's not affiliated with any sewage system installation companies.  As a result, SOS can provide its customers with independent, unbiased representation when it comes to evaluating their onsite sewage system needs and determining what sewage disposal system technology best fits their specific water use needs as well as their budget.


 Though operating as an independent company, SOS maintains a good working relationship with both installers and general contractors in the area.

SOS has also become the "go to" company for many real estate attorneys and realtors on the Eastern Shore who want to insure that their clients' interests are being protected when purchasing land where suitability for onsite sewage may be in question.  SOS's courteous, professional, and prompt service has helped give future homeowners and property owners peace of mind before investing their hard earned money into acquiring land that they may or may not be able to develop.  As Bob often tells clients, "You're hiring me to render you an honest, unbiased, professional opinion based upon the sewage regulations and your property's site and soil conditions.  Your hiring me not to tell you simply what you want to hear, but to tell you what you need to hear."



After the crash of the housing market, Affordable Septic diversified into marketing alternative treatment systems and Bob quickly became known throughout the wastewater industry in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware for his work as an alternative treatment system distributor.


In early 2015, Bob and his business partners amicably decided to terminate their business partnership.  His former business partners retained the sewage treatment system distribution rights under the Affordable Septic name and in February 2015, Bob officially started his new business, Savage Onsite Septic, LLC or "SOS" in which he operates as sole proprietor offering AOSE site & soil evaluation and sewage system design services to property owners throughout Accomack and Northampton Counties. 

In 2016, Bob was elected President of the Virginia Association of Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluators (VAAOSE) in which he served in that capacity for two years.  VAAOSE represents the interests of Virginia's licensed Onsite Soil Evaluators (OSEs).  As President Bob sought to promote the OSE profession within the Commonwealth as well as insuring that legislation that could have both a positive or detrimental impact on the industry and the industry's clients was being properly addressed by the State Legislature.  VAAOSE accomplished this by providing its stance on pending legislation and educating members of the General Assembly on the services and benefits that the OSE profession provides to homeowners and business owners alike while insuring that both public and environmental health are being protected throughout the Commonwealth.


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