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Savage Onsite Septic, LLC (SOS) provides site and soil studies of properties to determine their feasibility for onsite sewage disposal systems, both residential and commercial.  In addition to soil testing, SOS provides sewage system design services for both conventional and alternative treatment systems as well as assists clients with all their Health Department permitting needs.
Soil Testing


As a licensed "Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator" (AOSE), Bob Savage is able to perform soil evaluation services in accordance with Health Dept. established testing protocols, policies, and regulations to determine the feasibility for the installation of an onsite sewage system on a given property.  His soil evaluation reports can then be used to properly design a sewage disposal system either by an AOSE or a Professional Engineer (PE).


Percolation Testing


While actual percolation or "perK" testing is typically not required in Virginia for single-family residential systems, percolation tests can be required for mass drainfield designs as well as other large developement projects.


SOS is able to offer these percolation or soil permeability testing services through the use of state-of-the-art Aardvark Soil Permeameters.


Sewage & Well Permits

SOS can assist clients with all their sewage and well permitting needs.  From researching deeds and plats at the county clerk of court to handling all of the necessary paperwork required to obtain a Health Dept. sewage and/or well permit, SOS can make the permitting process quick and efficient while taking out all of the regulatory red tape hassle for the homeowner or business owner.

Certification Letters

The Virginia Sewage Handling & Disposal Regulations allow for the issuance of certification letters on properties in lieu of actual sewage system construction permits.  These "cert letters" are a legal guarantee from the Virginia Dept. of Health that they will honor the permitting of a sewage disposal system on a given property in the future.  Certification letters transfer with the sale of the property and have no expiration date.


SOS can assist clients with obtaining these "cert letters" as well as can conduct informal soil studies on properties to determine their sewage permitting feasibility.


Sewage System Design


As a licensed AOSE, Bob can design both conventional septic tank and drainfield systems with or without pumps as well as pre-engineered, proprietary alternative treatment sewage systems for residential homes typically up to a total of 6 bedrooms.   


He also works in conjunction with local area engineers on larger residential projects as well as commercial projects to offer his expertise and design experience when requested.



Septic issues?  No need to panic, just call SOS!
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